If we’ve learned anything in this young decade, we’ve learned that no one can precisely predict the future. However, there are things you can plan and/or do in 2022, to mitigate unforeseen challenges and/or instigate changes for the better.

1. Decluttering or Repurposing
There’s nothing like a new year to get a fresh start on stale situations. Think of how you can reduce physical clutter – and reinvent your surroundings.

2. Renovating or Upgrading
Look around your home with a critical eye. What is in need of renewal, repair or replacement? What is lacking in terms of usable space, household function, and lifestyle enjoyment?

3. Upsizing or Downsizing
For some, the future may involve moving to a bigger home. For others, a smaller living space will create greater freedom due to lower costs and/or fewer maintenance responsibilities.

4. Refinancing or Budgeting
If you are approaching a renewal date on your mortgage – or want to help your children save for their first home – it may be time to examine your real estate equity. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call.