When you purchased your first home, all you had to worry about was finding the right property. It was a single transaction. But, if you’re about to sell that home, you now have two transactions to make happen: selling and buying. Of course, people buy and sell homes all the time. But it may still seem overwhelming. So, remember that while there are more steps in the process, it can still all go very smoothly.

Consider these tips:
1. Learn the selling and buying processes, especially when it comes to closing dates, scheduling viewings, etc. The more you understand, the less intimidating it will be.
2. Find out what you can afford. You’ll need to know what your current home is likely to sell for on today’s market. This will help you determine the price range you can shop within for your new home.
3. Give yourself more time. Remember, you’re not only selling but you’re also looking for your next dream home. Clear time on your calendar to see properties for sale that match your criteria.

Following these tips will help make your journey to your second home purchase a successful one.