While adding a new color is considered one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the appearance of a room, adding a textured wall can have a significantly more dramatic effect. As a rewarding do-it yourself project, you can finish an existing wall with a 3D texture using one of many approaches. For example, the number of available wallpaper options might surprise you, with so many preprinted and embossed surfaces to choose from. Alternatively, paint additives can create a stucco or glazed texture that can be applied with a troweled or stipple effect. If you’re willing to experiment, the internet offers an enormous range of D-I-Y treatments.

For those less confident in their flare for applying an attractive finishing touch, pre-molded manufactured wall panels may be the best way to go. Available with dramatic art motifs or in faux profiles from brick to wood to leather, they offer reliable outcomes because large sheets provide a fuller impression of results in advance. In addition, some patterned sheets are interlocking, so you needn’t worry about blending seams between panels, although they might require the removal of baseboards or other trim.