When prospective buyers come to see your home, you want them to love it. In fact, the greater the number of buyers who feel that way, the more offers you’ll get — and those offers will likely be for higher prices.

There’s plenty you can do to get more buyers to feel the love. You already know that you should declutter and make everything clean and tidy. Here are four other suggestions worth considering:

1. Make the floors shine. Buyers will notice the state of the floors, especially on the main level. So, do what you can to make them look great. Get any minor repairs done, such as replacing a cracked tile. There are floor cleaners and finishing products available that can make older-looking floors look almost new.

2. Upgrade the wall decor One of the easiest ways to stage a room is to hang new pictures that add to the look and feel of the space. They don’t have to be Rembrandts! In fact, there are plenty of great-looking yet inexpensive paintings, prints, posters and other types of wall coverings you can find.

3. Improve the lighting. Are there areas in your property where the lighting is too bright? Too dim? Uneven? Or otherwise unpleasant? Switching out a few light bulbs or fixtures can make a big difference. Consider buying a couple of standing light fixtures, which can be placed anywhere to improve the lighting.

4. Add a few plants. Psychologists say that plants help to create a sense of comfort and well-being. That’s just the effect you want your home to have on buyers! A few green plants can work wonders. But, avoid flowering plants as some buyers may be allergic.

As you can see, these upgrades won’t cost you much, but they will have an impact on buyers. The better the impression those buyers form when they tour your home, the more likely they will be to make a good offer.