It may only be August, but if you’re thinking about selling your property—and you want to be happily ensconced in your new home by the end of this year—the next few months will go by faster than you might think.

So, it’s essential you start the process now.

Here are four tips for getting things going and helping ensure you’re able to sell and move before the New Year’s Eve party horns blow:

1. Start now. The earlier you begin the sales process, the sooner you’ll sell. Getting started now also gives you more elbow room, so you don’t feel rushed.

2. Understand the process. If you’re unsure how the process of selling your home works, find out. The more you know about the steps involved, the easier it will be to take those steps.

3. Find out what your property needs. You want to make your home look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. So, get an analysis done on what repairs, improvements and staging your home needs to show well.

4. Get the numbers. Learn what your home will likely sell for in today’s local market. Most homes sell for at or near their current market value—and that can be calculated.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own. For example, when you’re decluttering, you can hire someone for a day to help move out items for disposal, donation, or sale.

It’s getting the process started that is most important. If you do, you’ll be in great shape to sell before the year is out.