Are you thinking of selling this year? The amount your home sells for is influenced, in large part, by market conditions, property type and features, and the neighborhood — all factors you don’t have much control over.

However, there are other factors that influence the final sale price that you can control. Consider the following:

1. Show it well. The better your home looks to buyers, the more likely you are to get offers. You want buyers to see your property and think, “Wow. I love this place.” So, do everything you can to ensure your property shows well. Clean, declutter, get needed repairs done. Also consider improvements, such as painting.

2. Be accommodating. The greater the number of qualified buyers who see your home, the more likely you are to get top dollar for it. So, be as accommodating as possible when scheduling viewings. It may be disappointing to postpone a family movie night so that a buyer can see your property, but if you end up getting a great offer, it will be worth it.

3. Price strategically. The price you set for your home sends a message to the marketplace. Buyers often shop for a home within a particular price range. Your list price should take into account the current market value of your property, while also attracting the attention of as many qualified buyers as possible.

4. Market effectively. Regardless of market conditions, your listing needs to be promoted effectively to attract serious buyers. Since every listing is different, avoid “one size fits all” marketing approaches. Make sure the plan to promote your listing is tailored to make your sale a success.

Take advantage of these techniques when you sell.