When buyers come to see your home, you obviously want them to be so impressed that they make a good offer. The last thing you want is for them to see something that’s a turn-off. Here’s a list of the most common things that buyers don’t want to see when viewing a home for sale.

  1. Untidiness: To show well, your home needs to be clean and tidy. Think: guest ready. Not only will this make a better impression on buyers, it will also show pride of ownership. When buyers see a clean and tidy home, they think, “These people take good care of this place.”
  2. Clutter: It’s natural for things to accumulate in a home over the years. Closets get stuffed. Bathroom countertops get covered with items. To prep your home for viewing, declutter as much as possible. Consider selling or donating items or simply put them in storage.
  3. Needed repairs: During a viewing, buyers can quickly become skittish if they notice something that needs attention. For example, they’ll get distracted by a dripping faucet or a flickering light fixture. If possible, get all needed repairs done before viewings.
  4. Odor: Pet dander, perfumes, cooking – are all sources of odors to which you’ve become accustomed. They’re harmless and just part of living, of course. But to buyers, they could be distracting.
  5. You: No offense, but buyers prefer that you not be home when they come for a viewing. An empty home gives them a chance to browse freely and lets them imagine themselves living there.

Ultimately, all of these things are distractions to buyers and could prevent them from appreciating the great features of your home. So, keep this list in mind when you’re preparing your home for sale.