Not every home improvement needs to be major. For those who shy away from ambitious projects that challenge their budgets and their patience, a measured approach to renovations may offer the most rewarding results.

Kitchens: Rather than – or in addition to – an appliance upgrade, you can dramatically change the look of your kitchen by having your cabinet door panels resurfaced and the hardware replaced. If budget allows, a new countertop would be another fresh makeover that can be completed in a day, presuming it’s planned carefully in advance.

Bathrooms: There are many companies that specialize in converting a tub & shower arrangement into a walk-in shower by cutting away a portion of the tub wall. This can be a great convenience for those with mobility issues. To complete the project, consider installing a prefabricated shower liner that has the finished look of real tile.

Exteriors: Year in and year out, one of the biggest home-value boosters is a new exterior surface. Even if your home’s current exterior remains attractive and functional, you might benefit from this improvement. However, these upgrades can be expensive, so consider a more targeted facelift with a manufactured stone veneer to enhance one outside wall, such as your main entrance area.