Some people worry that selling their home will be stressful and fraught with difficulties. In reality, there are so many homes sold each year that just about every problem has been dealt with, successfully, many times before.

So, nightmare scenarios rarely happen. And, when they do, there’s usually a tried-and-true solution.

That being said, there are ways to reduce the stress of selling even further. One way is to create a “Selling Calendar”. This is just an ordinary hang-on-the-wall calendar you use exclusively to schedule selling tasks like painting, calling a contractor, cleaning, buyer viewings, etc.

Using a “Selling Calendar” has numerous advantages:
• It can help you plan and then, most importantly, view your plan at a glance.
• Everyone in the household can see it and know what’s going on.
• It acts as a scheduler for appointments and tasks.
• It keeps you on track and less likely to forget details.

And, as an added bonus, it often makes selling less stressful because you’re more organized and in control of the process.