If you’re like many people, you’ve spent more time in your home this year than, perhaps, you ever thought you would! In fact, you might have even gained a greater appreciation for how important it is to have the features, style and atmosphere you want in a home.

That’s why, as you set your personal and career goals for 2021, you might also want to consider setting a few “home” goals.

Ask yourself: What do I want in a home? What features are important to me? How do I want my home to look and feel?

Then, set some goals around making that happen.

For example, if you worked from home this year, one goal might be to set up a more comfortable and productive workspace. Perhaps you’ll want to create a fully-equipped home office.

Another goal might be to finally get that home improvement project that you’ve been putting off done.

Of course, you might find that your current property can’t be improved to fit the vision of your “dream home”. In that case, a good “home” goal might be to pay attention to the market and see what’s available.

The point is to make note of your “home” goals so you can achieve them. As goal setting experts often say, when you write down an objective, you double your chances of reaching it