We’ve all seen wood fencing with fixed panel configurations that provide a specific level of privacy and visibility. But, imagine if you could move the fence boards, to allow you the flexibility to either close the panels for privacy or open them to create a breezeway or to reduce shade. Now you can, thanks to an ingenious hardware system with a louvre mechanism that operates like venetian blinds. The system can also be applied to deck railings, pergolas, rigid awnings, privacy enclosures and windscreens.

For best results, plan your layout prior to buying the hardware kit. Determine the species of wood you prefer and whether the slats should be horizontal or vertical. You also need to decide how high or wide you want the louvred sections to be. Then, purchase and pre-cut your lumber slats, erect a frame for the louvred area and anchor the moving hardware mechanism to the frame. Finally, place the fence posts in the ground, with rails attached and insert the framed section with the louvred slats.