Buyers are increasingly looking for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly features in a home. In fact, some will become more interested in a listing if it has at least some eco-friendly characteristics.

How do you take advantage of that trend to make your home more attractive to buyers?

There are many simple and relatively affordable upgrades you can make. Examples of upgrades you can consider include a programmable thermostat, energy-efficient lighting, ceiling fans (which reduce HVAC costs), low-flush toilets, freshly caulked window and door frames, and low-flow or adjustable shower faucets.

Many of these upgrades are DIY friendly and require just a trip to a home improvement center. (However, hiring a contractor may be wise for more complex projects, such as replacing a toilet.) Upgrades like these can help make your home more appealing, especially for those buyers who look specifically for eco-friendly features.

Whether you already have some of these features in your home, or you’ll be doing some of these upgrades, make sure they’re highlighted in your listing materials when.