Smart technology, household economics and health concerns have converged to create a burgeoning demand for home-based fitness. Of course, to get into fitness at home, you need to establish a space for working out, which may also require an area for storing equipment. Fortunately, a gym area full of bulky equipment is no longer the only option, as many at home solutions designed with a surprisingly small footprint are now available. Depending on your goals and routines, you can find a number of exercise stations that are collapsible for easy and quick storage, from stationary bikes to workbenches and resistance training apparatus.

Many newer units also feature an online component, helping users track progress and even measure vital statistics. Some feature video options that enable the user to either follow a virtual trainer or travel along a virtual running or cycling course. Other wall-mounted screens with attachments for specific workout regimens offer the dual effect of a relatively unobtrusive footprint, as well as life-size imagery of a virtual coach – or yourself – to monitor technique. Equipment aside, many fitness instructors offer personal online classes, where you can subscribe for one-on-one programs or group training.