With weather patterns and micro-climates seemingly more unpredictable than ever, it makes sense for homeowners to do whatever they can to reduce the risk of compromising their outdoor greenery due to unreliable precipitation. Fortunately, there are many irrigation options that can take care of shrubbery, gardens and lawns without requiring any day-to-day or even season-to-season monitoring.

Traditional above-ground sprinkler or drip irrigation systems with automatic timers are popular, likely because they are an affordable option for those who want the freedom to be away from home, or simply want to spend less time worrying about their lawns and gardens. However, to cover a larger area, the system requires sufficient water pressure to reach the outer limits. These systems also tend to be less efficient on steeper grounds. Homeowners should be aware that above-ground connections are more susceptible to puncture or disconnection, either by accident or from an animal intrusion.

For better water conservation, an underground or “close to the roots” irrigation system could save a great deal of waste from evaporation – especially during the peak temperatures of extreme summer heat.

Whatever your preferred irrigation system, it is likely most efficient when monitored by a computer-programmed moisture sensor that adjusts irrigation times based on dry or rainy conditions You’ll enjoy even more efficiency if that system can draw from stored rainwater when additional moisture is required.