At any given time of year, there are homeowners looking ahead with an eye on a home improvement project. These projects can be an exciting proposition, but they can also lead to a unique level of anxiety. Last spring was perhaps the pinnacle of the challenges that can be faced when renovating. Projects were delayed across the country, initially due to the unexpected closures of lumber mills, and then as factories and distribution facilities became affected. As a result, there was an enormous backlog, creating an overwhelming demand for a range of building products, from plumbing parts to power tool rentals.

The lesson learned is to be cautious when planning any renovation projects for 2021 and beyond. From a simple do-it-yourself fixture installation to a professionally designed kitchen makeover, do your due diligence before you start. Check that the supplies you need are readily available, confirm your pricing and book a reputable contractor. With the right planning, some room for flexibility in your schedule and a qualified contractor on your side, you’ll have less anxiety and your project will soon be more than a dream.