Whether you’re looking for easy, affordable changes or a major renovation, there are many ways to enhance a bathroom environment. Beyond the basics like decorative color coordinated accessories to match curtains, mats and towels, enhanced upgrades like a spa-inspired showerhead and a touchless faucet will add personal comfort and convenience. Depending on your budget, a total makeover might include new tiling. If so, consider a few hand-painted accent tiles to make your bathroom truly unique. More spacious projects might include the addition of a two-sink vanity or a soaker tub.

Bidets are also becoming more popular as they become more affordable. If you don’t have the room to add a luxurious stand-alone bidet, some newer toilets are dual purposed, while others can be accessorized with an add-on seat attachment for a comparable hygienic experience. No matter what your bathroom makeover budget may be, you can achieve a fresh transformation simply by making a creative paint selection and complementing it with an elegant statement mirror, a new overhead fixture and accent lighting, plus plants and other soothing visuals.