Just as spring kick-starts buying and selling cycles in many real estate markets, it can also attract unscrupulous players seeking to exploit uninformed homeowners. For example, you may be targeted with enticing hand-written offers or quick-sale schemes that promise to uncomplicate a selling process that seems daunting. This is especially risky for prospective sellers whose finances are tight. Their instinct might be to accept a cash offer, without realizing it is well below the property value. The harsh reality is that such facilitators do not have the best interests of the homeowners in mind.

In fact, these buyers can turn a quick profit, as they know there are other buyers willing to pay more than the amount they’ve offered to the homeowners. This is in stark contrast to the role of a listing agent, who is committed to working on behalf of the property owners and in their best interests. That’s why you need to have your eyes wide open before signing any agreement. Quite simply, it could be a binding contract that falls short of your goal to achieve true market value.