Looking for your Next Neighborhood

In real estate, we often use the expression, “Looking for a new home.” But, while the home is important, so is the neighborhood. In fact, you should focus just as much attention on the neighborhood you choose to target as you would the homes for sale there. What should you look for in your next…

Do You Need a Real Estate Crystal Ball?

If you were planning to sell your home this season, wouldn’t it be nice to peer into a crystal ball and see what the experience is going to be like? Wouldn’t it be handy to know whether you’re up against a buyer’s or seller’s market, what homes like yours are selling for right now, and…

Identifying Needs of New Buyers

Although many real-estate purchase decisions are affected directly by fluctuating factors out of the buyer’s or seller’s control, such as interest rates and commuting costs, there are other considerations that will also weigh into many buyers’ decisions. These factors go beyond the buyers’ core needs for location, size and relatively good repair. This means that…

Private Vacation Rentals

If you’re planning on renting someone’s private residence for a summer getaway, there are certain precautions you should take to help ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. For starters, make sure your arrangements are through a reputable third-party agency that protects your personal information. Also, be sure to enter into a proper contract….

Controlling Lawn & Garden Pests

To make the most of your outdoor space this summer, you may need to take steps to control the pests that populate your lawn and/or garden. While some invasive species might affect the health of your plants, others may prevent you from being outdoors at all. If you are bothered by specific insects, it’s important…

Useful Products for your Home

Looking for something new or different? A quick search on the internet for new or seasonal products every few months can sometimes reveal interesting items that might otherwise go unnoticed. Here are just a few examples: Smart lawn sprinkler systems: Various types can attach to your outdoor hose bib or hose to deliver water in…

Renovating with Reason

The key to any successful renovation is to have clear objectives, with your priorities being defined by how the cost of the project compares to the convenience, comfort, efficiency and/ or value it contributes to your home. Of course, you can aim to achieve more than one of these results, but in the end the…

Appreciating Real Estate Value

Markets have changed significantly over the past three years, making it challenging for homeowners interested in the value of their property to understand the ebb and flow of the real estate market. It takes experience to appreciate which changes will likely be short-lived, versus value that will likely be sustained over the long term. For…

Space and the Happy Homeowners

Imagine someone walking into a bedroom and feeling immediately claustrophobic. Then, another person saunters into that same room and feels the exact opposite way — finding the bedroom comfortable and even roomy. That’s an example of the psychology of space. For one person, a tiny home office might feel like the walls are closing in….

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