Useful Products for your Home

Looking for something new or different? A quick search on the internet for new or seasonal products every few months can sometimes reveal interesting items that might otherwise go unnoticed. Here are just a few examples: Smart lawn sprinkler systems: Various types can attach to your outdoor hose bib or hose to deliver water in…

Renovating with Reason

The key to any successful renovation is to have clear objectives, with your priorities being defined by how the cost of the project compares to the convenience, comfort, efficiency and/ or value it contributes to your home. Of course, you can aim to achieve more than one of these results, but in the end the…

Appreciating Real Estate Value

Markets have changed significantly over the past three years, making it challenging for homeowners interested in the value of their property to understand the ebb and flow of the real estate market. It takes experience to appreciate which changes will likely be short-lived, versus value that will likely be sustained over the long term. For…

Space and the Happy Homeowners

Imagine someone walking into a bedroom and feeling immediately claustrophobic. Then, another person saunters into that same room and feels the exact opposite way — finding the bedroom comfortable and even roomy. That’s an example of the psychology of space. For one person, a tiny home office might feel like the walls are closing in….

Making your Offer Competitive —Even with a Condition

Imagine you’re looking for a new home and find one for sale that’s perfect for you. You’re excited! You’re eager to submit an attractive offer. But, you’ve been advised to include a condition that the property passes a professional home inspection. Is that a potential deal breaker? There’s no doubt that sellers tend to see…

Spring Cleaning Means Germ Cleaning

Ever since “pandemic” became a household word, spring cleaning has taken on a greater focus towards reducing or eliminating household germs. Think first about removing dust and reducing clutter, and then about cleaning to remove surface dirt and grime. These are essential steps before you can sanitize (removing germs from surfaces) and disinfect (actually killing…

Easy-Care Plants, Indoors & Outside

You don’t need to have a proverbial green thumb to enjoy plant life within your home, as well as around your outdoor spaces. Simply by choosing specific hardy species, you can enjoy nature’s gifts from season to season with little effort. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started: Indoors: If you like…

Redoing Instead of Renewing

When it comes to renovating or redecorating, it’s likely more practical to address one room at a time. Of course, you’ll need to start by deciding whether there are any design features you wish to carry out into a hallway or throughout your home. Then, you can focus on each room as an individual project….

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