As surprising as it may sound, there is a North American hardwood floor manufacturer that has introduced a flooring product with properties that can actually convert unhealthy chemicals found in the air of your home into fresh breathable air.

The basis of this claim is in the formulation of the product’s pre-finished coating, which is treated with a compound that neutralizes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that emit from synthetics like paint, plastic furnishings and other artificial materials. The neutralizing effect is said to be triggered when natural or artificial light strikes the flooring surface. The light creates a reaction between the coating and any VOCs that come in contact with the floor as a result of normal air circulation from heating and air-conditioning or human activity in the room. This may be very reassuring news to homeowners and families who are in environments that have had recent décor changes that include new synthetic furnishings, or have undergone significant renovations involving exposure to raw building materials, which can often release VOCs.

This so-called “Pure Genius Smart Floor” is available through specialty flooring stores.