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Planning a Productive Day of Seeing Homes

When you’re on the hunt for your next dream home, you want to be as productive as possible. This is especially important if you have limited time in your schedule to view homes. Here are some tips for getting the…

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Getting Family Members on the Same Page

Remember the last time you had a family discussion about what to have for dinner? Chances are, there were some disagreements! In fact, it might have been agonizing trying to get everyone to settle on the same dish. Now imagine…

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Buying a Home Out-of-Town

Have you ever considered selling your home and moving out-of-town? One concern that might be holding you back is the uncertainty involved of finding a home in an unfamiliar place. What are the best neighborhoods? What are homes selling for…

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What to Watch for when Viewing an Older Home

Buying an older property definitely has its advantages. The neighborhood will already be well-established, so you’ll be able to get a sense of the community. The trees will be grown. The area will have a defined character. This combination of…

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When You Can Only See a Property Once

If you’re searching for a new home within a tight time frame or searching for an out-of-town property, you may not have time to make multiple visits. In fact, you might only get a chance to view a property once…

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Buying the Faraway Home

Shopping for a new home in a distant town, city or neighborhood can be a challenge. It’s especially difficult if getting there requires a very long drive or flight. So, if you’re thinking of moving out-of-town, here are some home…

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Do You Dream about Your Next Home?

Have you ever seen those TV commercials where a luxury car drives down the street and a neighbor looks at it in awe from his front lawn? He clearly dreams of owning a car like that someday. Unfortunately, most people…

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