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When You Can Only See a Property Once

If you’re searching for a new home within a tight time frame or searching for an out-of-town property, you may not have time to make multiple visits. In fact, you might only get a chance to view a property once…

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Buying the Faraway Home

Shopping for a new home in a distant town, city or neighborhood can be a challenge. It’s especially difficult if getting there requires a very long drive or flight. So, if you’re thinking of moving out-of-town, here are some home…

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Do You Dream about Your Next Home?

Have you ever seen those TV commercials where a luxury car drives down the street and a neighbor looks at it in awe from his front lawn? He clearly dreams of owning a car like that someday. Unfortunately, most people…

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What’s Nearby Matters when Buying a Home

  Imagine you’ve purchased a home in a nice neighborhood. Then, once you’ve moved, you discover that your kids’ school is not only far away, but also difficult to get to because of heavy commuter traffic. That’s an irritation that…

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Savvy Negotiation Helps Win the Deal

  Purchasing a home is not the same as buying a product off the shelf. You don’t simply pay the price on the tag and know it’s yours. You can’t just see a home for sale and say, “I’ll take…

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How Much Can You Spend on Your Next Home?

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your home, you might be wondering how much of a new home you can afford. You might see a house for sale in a nice neighborhood, for example, and think, “Could I get…

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