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What’s Nearby Matters when Buying a Home

  Imagine you’ve purchased a home in a nice neighborhood. Then, once you’ve moved, you discover that your kids’ school is not only far away, but also difficult to get to because of heavy commuter traffic. That’s an irritation that…

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Savvy Negotiation Helps Win the Deal

  Purchasing a home is not the same as buying a product off the shelf. You don’t simply pay the price on the tag and know it’s yours. You can’t just see a home for sale and say, “I’ll take…

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How Much Can You Spend on Your Next Home?

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your home, you might be wondering how much of a new home you can afford. You might see a house for sale in a nice neighborhood, for example, and think, “Could I get…

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How to Buy a Home In a “Hot” Area

Is there an area you’d love to get into that’s “hot”? In other words, an area where, as soon as a new home comes up for sale, buyers are clamoring to see it? It can be intimidating to try to…

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Shopping for an Out-of-Town Home

There are many reasons why you may need to relocate. Whether you’re moving for work or simply to live closer to family and friends, shopping for an out-of-town home can seem, at first glance, challenging. It doesn’t need to be.…

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Look a Little Closer When Viewing a Property

When you’re viewing a home for sale, you may get swept up by its initial appearances. Everything may look clean and beautiful, with all the features you’re looking for. Indeed, you may even be considering making a serious offer. So,…

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Should You Worry About Competition?

Buying a home differs from purchasing most other “products” in one important respect: agreeing to the price tag doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the property! There may be competing offers. Fortunately, there is plenty that can be done to increase your…

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