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Don’t Let Your Roof Become Compromised

With the risk of severe weather seeming to increase year after year, it may be prudent to take the time to check the condition of your roof before an emergency arises. As a homeowner, you want to know that your…

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Getting the Most out of Outdoor Living Space

Many homeowners cherish the opportunity to spread their common-area living space into the great outdoors by utilizing their deck, patio or open porch. For some, a gazebo-type screen or retractable awning is all that’s required, but others are more inclined…

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A Connected Home Helps Us Make Smart Choices

It’s been long predicted, but the time has finally come for whole-home systems that can provide a network to allow the electronic features and fixtures of your home to talk to each other. Often a family’s first such network involves…

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Is Your Home Close Enough To Your Hangouts?

If you love to play golf but your favorite course is over an hour away, it can really impact your enjoyment of the game. The long drive may start to wear on you – unless, of course, you truly like…

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Signs of a Well-Maintained Property

If you’re shopping for a new home, you’ll likely be looking for a property that has been well cared for by its owners. A home that is in a good state of repair and may even be “move-in ready,” can…

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Pressure-Treated Decking Materials and Surface Treatments

It’s been over a decade since arsenic was banned from use in pressure-treated lumber for residential and recreational projects. But, only recently have consumers been offered alternatives that would still resist rot, fungi and insect infestation. These more contemporary pressure…

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Reducing Screen Time Can be Beneficial

There is no doubt that technologically advanced homes provide amazing opportunities, both within the household walls and from outside the home, in terms of convenience, safety, efficiency, and learning. However, there are also strong arguments for reducing our reliance on…

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AC Air Filters May not be Doing Enough

As our residential air conditioners hum throughout the summer, it’s easy to assume they are keeping indoor air clean while keeping rooms comfortable. But their ability to “clean” the air we breathe is directly related to the quality of their…

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Give Outdoor Furniture a Facelift

As the summer stretches on, and your patio furnishings start to show the signs of use, you may want to try these simple ways of restoring them to their original luster. Before trying any of these techniques, always test in…

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Before You Go on Vacation

If you are about to depart for a well-deserved getaway, don’t forget to get your home ready for your vacation. Suspend mail and newspaper subscriptions. Have a neighbor check on your home from time to time, especially if you don’t…

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