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Fitness Tips for Busy People

Are you thinking of stepping up your fitness game next year? For most people, the main obstacle isn’t a lack of motivation. It’s a lack of time. If you’re on a tight schedule, you might find it difficult to get…

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Secrets to a Trouble-Free Spring Renovation

Are you planning on making some home improvements next year? Whether it’s a minor project such as painting, or a major renovation like a new kitchen, you want the project to go smoothly. There’s a lot you can do to…

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Should You Set Ambitious Goals for 2023?

At this time of year, it’s common to come across various tips on how to set and achieve goals. After all, many people spend at least some time in December pondering their plans for the new year. But, do you…

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Fire Prevention and Precaution

Every house and condo needs diligent safety measures to help ensure that everyone living in the home (and all of their belongings) are adequately protected from accidental fire. This means taking precautions beyond having standard battery-powered and hard-wired smoke detectors.…

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Improving Indoor Air Quality

The more time we spend indoors, the more likely we are to be exposed to questionable indoor air quality (IAQ), and to be breathing in undesirable gases and toxins emitted from within the home. Among the most common indoor air…

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Upsizing or Downsizing?

Whether a homebuyer is looking for a larger space or a smaller place to live, resizing is a big step that is best taken with insightful planning. Of course, it starts with a budget, but there’s much more to upsizing…

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When a Family Member Doesn’t Want to Move

When you decide to sell and look for your next dream home, you hope that everyone in the family will be excited and motivated. But, that’s not always the case. Occasionally, at least one family member will be less enthusiastic…

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Making a Small Room Appear Larger

We know that interior designers employ clever visual tricks that can make a small room appear larger. But, you may be surprised by how many seem counterintuitive or even contrary to long-held beliefs about color choices for walls and ceilings.…

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The Latest in Bathrooms

Anyone inclined to upgrade a bathroom to bring it into the current decade – or vault it into the future – should consider the many innovative fixtures and functions entering the market these days and in the coming months. Some…

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Is your Home Leaking Water?

There was a time when homeowners had to develop unique listening skills to determine whether there was a dripping faucet or plumbing leak that was wasting water, and possibly causing damage. Nowadays, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) can be used…

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