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Understanding Probate

In general, probate is the legal process that clears an estate executor to carry out the intentions of a deceased person’s will – including the payment of outstanding debts and distribution of remaining assets. If there is no will, or…

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Household Safety Tips

Being “at home” should mean being relaxed, but we also need to be vigilant, because most accidents happen in or near the home. To help ensure your home is truly a safe haven, review this list of safety tips and…

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Kitchen Planning Guidance

A renovated kitchen is one of the biggest selling features in residential real estate. It’s worth considering any such project as a long-term investment – and taking the time to carefully plan every aspect. Right from the start, the most…

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How Much Space is Too Little or Too Much?

Decluttering your property and making each room look spacious is a proven staging technique. But, is it possible to go too far and create too much space? In some circumstances, yes. Consider these scenarios. First, imagine a buyer is viewing…

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Making Room for Living

Not long ago, most homes had a similar layout. Nearest the main entrance was the living room for receiving guests. Next was the dining room for serving formal meals, and the adjacent kitchen was reserved for preparing food, as well…

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No-Step Showers

One of the latest bathroom renovation trends is a “no-step” shower area, where the entire bathroom floor gently slopes, at a predetermined angle, towards the main shower drain. As a result, there is no need for a small wall to…

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Ways to Enhance your Entrance

The entrance to your home has the potential to make a significant impression – so make sure it’s a good one! Even without an enormous budget, there are many ways you can give your outside entranceway a facelift that will…

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How to Reduce “Big Decision” Stress

For many people, deciding whether or not to sell their home is a major decision. So, it’s not unusual to feel some apprehension. In fact, you might even become totally stressed out! Big decisions, like listing your property, can be…

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Staging Window Views and Coverings

Have you heard the expression, “Windows are the eyes to your home?” It simply means that people — including buyers — notice windows when they see your property. So, when preparing your home for sale, pay attention to how your…

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Making Sense of Real Estate

Although COVID 19 caused initial uncertainty in real estate markets, prices in many areas rose month over month. This caused some observers to suggest that the home buyer’s market would no longer follow traditional cycles. But, it’s never wise to…

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