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Watching Out for Changes in Real Estate

Homeowners are almost always curious about the true value of their property. For many reasons, it’s a good thing to know. However, most homeowners don’t have the tools and expertise they need to fully understand what their home is worth in the current marketplace. That’s because there are many underlying factors that need to be…

The 4 Most Important Rooms to Stage

Ideally, when you list your property for sale, you want your entire home staged well. That way, you’ll maximize its appeal to buyers. However, that’s not always possible. So, if you can’t stage everything, focus your energy on those rooms that will have the biggest impact. Here are the rooms buyers tend to scrutinize most:…

Air Conditioning Versus Air Quality

The more you rely on air conditioning for your home comfort, the more you should be aware of the role it may play in the quality of the air you breathe. Depending on the condition and effectiveness of your AC unit or system, it could be contributing to improved air quality or, conversely, it could…

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