When clutter gets in the way of normal household activities and foot traffic, it can become a real nuisance – if not a real hazard. The solution is organized storage, but getting there can sometimes be a challenge. The good news is that a few simple steps can be taken to help anyone get ahead of clutter. First off, acknowledge that a portion of household storage is likely occupied by items ignored or simply forgotten. Then, approach the problem methodically – one closet, one shelf and one drawer at a time. Sorting items to toss, sell, donate, recycle or save.

Utilize stacking bins, preferably transparent and/or clearly labelled ones for future identification. If space is still an issue, look into the many efficient closet organization kit options. Finally, if you feel completely overwhelmed, don’t dismiss the idea of hiring a professional clutter consultant, interior designer or contractor with expertise in storage efficiency. A professional can help you find ways to create space indoors and outside, with an assessment of nooks and crannies you may never have imagined – putting you on the way to a safer, more clutter-free environment.