When you list your home for sale, you may need to sell by a particular firm date. For example, if you’ve already purchased another property, you likely want to sell well before taking possession.

That can lead to a lot of jitters about whether or not you’ll sell in time.

Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to ensure your property sells within the desired timeframe. For example, you can:

• Prepare and stage your home so that it impresses buyers.
• Make sure it’s marketed effectively so that your listing attracts lots of qualified buyers.
• Be flexible with viewing appointments, so more buyers see your home.
• Set the optimal listing price to gain the interest of buyers.
• Ensure offers and negotiations are expertly handled.

These are all things you can control.

Also, market conditions have a big influence on how long it takes for a home to sell. So, knowing how long recent comparable listings were on the market before they sold will give you a good idea of how long your sale will take. Bottom line: There’s plenty you can do to predict the timing of your sale and to ease your concerns.