With the availability of newer treatments and decorative effects, concrete countertops have become a remarkably attractive alternative to stone or laminate. They can be manufactured in various natural-looking or polished finishes that are as decorative as they are tough. They have practical appeal in their strength, as well as their flexibility for custom profiles and edges. But their real feature is the unlimited opportunity for creative expression, due to the ability to embed colorful materials such as glass chips or stenciled art into the concrete.

There are various options for installing concrete countertops. For example, you can have a new countertop poured and set in a mold on top of your existing countertop or cabinet. However, that procedure entails a messy, time-consuming process, whether you hire a contractor or choose to do it yourself. In all likelihood, the best option is to arrange for a professional, custom-built design to be pre-cast away from the installation site in order to avoid a lengthy disruption in your home. Once installed, the only maintenance required is the re-application of a foodsafe sealant, as needed.