Contemplating the purchase of a doorbell camera can be a complex process that requires research into several areas, including the source of power, Wi-Fi bandwidth, picture quality and data storage. In addition, when it comes to security, installation and privacy protection are important considerations for any such device. Because stolen cameras are not uncommon, you should check how protected your unit will be from outright theft. Furthermore, poor password protection can render some camera image feeds vulnerable to being hijacked and shared without the operator’s knowledge – giving hackers access to view or share front-door activity that includes the comings and goings of family and friends.

There could also be concerns regarding video recordings of people who are not part of your household. As useful as cameras may be for viewing or interacting with visitors or couriers (or would-be “porch pirate” thieves), they can sometimes be deemed an invasion of privacy – depending on their position and range of view into a neighbor’s property. Furthermore, in cases where video monitoring is provided through a subscription, it is possible that your contract does not give you exclusive ownership of the captured data.