Considering Kitchen Choices

If a kitchen renovation or redesign is on your list of future projects, give yourself the latitude to consider new ideas that may prove to be truly practical in terms of your budget and your taste. Here are just a few trends identified by popular magazines and websites:

• Roll-out cabinetry can provide easy storage and access for modern countertop appliances such as air-fryers.

• A refrigerator with a touch sensor that reveals a “sneakpeek” see-through window can reduce energy loss caused by frequently opening the fridge to peruse contents.

• With some new smart faucets, you can give verbal commands to heat and measure water with precision for cooking or baking.

• A backsplash in retro 50s-style candy colors or a black & white checkerboard pattern can inject a sense of informal playfulness.

• Patterned floor tiles and/or countertops in green shades can contribute to a sense of comfort and warmth associated with traditional farmhouses.

• Wine refrigerators with zones allow you to adjust temperature and humidity for different varieties simultaneously. Some even have available apps to help you manage your wine inventory.

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