Spring-cleaning projects may be different for each of us, but almost everyone needs a little motivation to get started. For those of us who aren’t necessarily inspired by a good seasonal scrubbing, it really helps to envision a rewarding payoff for your efforts. Even if it’s not part of your immediate plans, an end objective such as a décor upgrade or new coat of paint can give added inspiration to any cleaning task. To that end, remember that “Enemy Number One” is clutter!

Start with the room that you’ve determined is most in need of change, and make a concentrated effort to get those non-essential items off the floor, onto shelves and hooks, into closets, or out the door. Always keep in mind the objective of creating as much clear space as possible, because having too much stuff in view will not only impede a thorough cleaning, but will also cloud your vision for improvement. In other words, a cleaner, less cluttered, and more creative space will ultimately provide you with a more satisfying living arrangement.