If you have a raised deck, rooftop patio or walk-out balcony that is in disrepair or is no longer an appealing setting for outdoor relaxing and entertaining, you might feel the need to fully replace it. However, depending on the surface, you may be able to consider a makeover, where your existing material is covered by a substrate (usually installed plywood sheathing) and coated with a waterproof membrane that is comfortable underfoot and available in a variety of colors and patterns.

These types of resurfacing options can be successfully applied to outdoor living spaces that are made from traditional wood decking with open slats between boards, or interlocking tiles that may not be impervious to water. Aside from avoiding a complete replacement, added benefits include a surface that’s smooth, continuous and easy to clean, and also protects against water damage underneath. However, professional installation is critical, because it’s important that the membrane is intact, and that there is a carefully graded slope to ensure that ponding does not take place during and after a rainstorm.