As you may know, staging involves organizing and decorating your home so that it looks impressive to buyers. Staging furniture is sometimes used to accomplish this. This furniture — as well as other items, such as pictures — are loaned to your home during the listing.

Typically, staging furniture is brought in by the real estate agent or professional stager to set up in your home to optimize the sense of space and possibilities. Oftentimes, some of your own furniture is taken out and put in storage.

Staging furniture, when used as part of an overall staging plan, can have a dramatic impact on how well your home shows. In fact, it’s been shown that a staged home tends to sell for a higher price than a comparable un-staged property.

Should you consider staging your home using staging furniture?

The answer depends on several factors, the most important being market conditions. If your neighborhood is currently a seller’s market, you might not need to stage your property extensively. However, if the market is a buyer’s market, then having your home professionally staged (perhaps with staging furniture) may give your listing a significant competitive advantage.

So, pay attention to market conditions and get professional advice regarding staging furniture. That will help you make the best decision.