Staging is about organizing and decorating your home to look its best to buyers. It can involve anything from cleaning and decluttering to placing temporary “staging” furniture around the house.
Regardless of how extensively you stage, is it worth the effort? In most cases, it is. Here are just a few reasons why:
1. Staging makes your home more attractive. That means buyers will be more impressed and likely to make a good offer. Staging helps create the “wow” factor.
2. In numerous studies, staging has been shown to help get a higher price for a home. Buyers get a greater sense of value.
3. A staged home will often sell faster than a comparable un-staged listing.
4. If there is an unappealing characteristic of your listing, such as a small kitchen, staging can help offset it.
5. Staging draws attention to those appealing characteristics of your home you want buyers to notice.
Staging can be beneficial even in a seller’s market where homes are in demand. So, it’s certainly worth considering when listing your property for sale.