Moving can be challenging for children. Changes are filled with uncertainty, and they are likely to fear the unknown. Engaging in thoughtful dialogue about the upcoming move can significantly ease their concerns.

• Acknowledge feelings. Children need to feel heard. So, acknowledge their fears about leaving behind friends or a beloved home. Validating their emotions can be a significant step toward helping them feel better.

• Remind them of what won’t change. Emphasize the aspects of their lives that will stay the same: toys, books, bedtime routines, etc. Assure them that the family unit will remain a constant, permanent team.

• Get them involved. Get kids active in the moving process. That gives them a sense of control. For example, let them pack a box of their favorite things or choose a new decoration for their room.

• Familiarize with fun. Turn learning about the new neighborhood into an adventure. Explore parks, schools, and other attractions through photos or, if possible, a visit. This will give them things to look forward to.

• Create a countdown. A visual countdown to moving day can prepare children for the transition. Marking off the days can make the move feel more predictable and less sudden.

The most important thing is to talk with your kids about the move. That will not only help them, but also make the overall moving process go more smoothly.