Despite the availability of a variety of home security options, many homeowners have been content to keep their basic key-in-lock entry mechanism. However, there have been some significant improvements to keyless systems, both in terms of convenience and safety, that may make it time to reconsider. For example, some keyless entry systems use a swipe, tap or programmable code to allow access. Some even detect radio frequency identification (RFID) when a resident’s pocket ID is in proximity. Others can scan your fingerprint, or synch with your smartphone to track who comes and goes, and provide a report or picture.

However, for anyone contemplating an entrance upgrade, the priority should always be security over convenience. The number one objective is to prevent access by intruders. With that in mind, homeowners ought to not overlook the added benefit of a deadbolt, which provides an extra barrier that is less likely to be bypassed or jimmied by a burglar. Newer deadbolts can also be operated without a physical key, similar to modern keyless entrance sets.