Have you heard the expression, “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack”? That’s an apt analogy for searching everywhere and anywhere for the ideal home. It’s a recipe for frustration and lost opportunities.

You’re much more likely to find a home you love by targeting a specific area. There are several advantages to doing that:

• You’re able to monitor new listings the moment they come up. So, you get an “early bird” head-start on seeing those properties.

• You’re far less likely to miss out on listings because you only found out about them after they’ve sold.

• You gain a clear sense of how much properties in the community are selling for currently. Therefore, you can make an offer that’s more likely to win, while avoiding paying too much.

• You can react to new listings faster and make offers quicker.

In addition, when you find a home you like and make an offer, you’ll have more confidence that you’re making the right decision. After all, you will already know the area well.

Can you target two or three specific areas? Sure. The point is to focus your search. You’ll find your dream home faster if you do.