One of the challenges of moving is dealing with how children feel about it. Some kids love the idea of change and adventure. Others worry about losing friends, being the “new kid” at a new school, or simply losing the comfort they feel at home.

Children tend to be most concerned about three things: friendships, school, and their room.

When it comes to friendships, reinforce ways they can keep in touch and (if possible) visit their old friends in their old neighborhood. Remind them that good friends don’t always have to live near you.

If possible, show them where they will be going to school. Some schools have programs to integrate new kids into the student community. Find out more.

Finally, tell them more about the new home and neighborhood. Explain what their room will look like. Point out features of the neighborhood that might get them excited, such as a local skateboard park.

The biggest fear for kids is the fear of the unknown. The more you can take the mystery out of moving, the more emotionally prepared they will be.