There is a wide range of products and services available to enhance your outdoor living space. From highly visible landscaping designs to private enclosures with herbal gardens and tranquility pools, there are many ways you can re-imagine your patio or yard.

If you have the space, a new deck can offer stations for specific family activities, such as an outdoor cooking area with furnishings and a refrigerator. If you have an even larger area, you might consider a variety of property embellishments from a swimming pool to ping-pong table or shuffleboard. Smaller areas might become more enjoyable with the creation of a hideaway nook, such as a meditation garden or an enclosed barbecue pit.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor living space, you can expand your opportunities to enjoy it by also installing a cooling mister and a space heater for days of extreme temperature. Whatever you can do to extend the time you spend outside is a step toward making your property more enjoyable for you, your family and guests – and potentially more valuable to future buyers. . . . continue reading.