Although we can’t predict where or when it will arrive, or how severe it will be, almost every region across the country should expect some form of extreme weather this winter. So, it would be wise to prepare for it in advance. Start at the top – look for loose roofing materials and pay close attention to seals around vents, pipes and chimneys. Also make sure your rain gutters and downspouts are clear and firmly secured, with downspouts directing runoff well away from your foundation. Ensure your foundation is surrounded by a built-up surface that slopes away from the home, in order to prevent pooling. Next, examine your exterior walls for weaknesses, and check your doors, windows and shutters to ensure caulking and latching are intact. Watch for the fist signs of condensation within old insulated glass panes. Finally, if you are uncertain, or can’t verify the condition of your home’s exterior yourself, hire an inspection company to do a thorough investigation -s o you can res easier this winter.