It’s not surprising that no one quits a marathon near the finish line. If anything, they run faster! The place where most runners are likely to quit is the middle. Author Seth Godin calls this phenomenon the dip.

So how do you get through the dip when you’re striving for your 2019 goals?

One method that experts often recommend is to divide your goal into shorter milestones and then celebrate those milestones when you reach them.

For example, say you want to lose 20 pounds. That’s a goal that may take several months and is prone to the dip – the midway point where you may give up. So, split that goal into shorter milestones. The first might be staying on a healthy eating plan for two weeks. The second might be losing your first five pounds. When you achieve each milestone, celebrate it. Give yourself a high five!

This technique effectively eliminates the dip because the time frame to achievement is much shorter. Try it on one of your New Year’s goals.