Every season, products appear in the marketplace that are either new or simply newly discovered. Here are some that you might find are worth checking out:

  • A whole-home water system monitor that shuts off supply at the source in the event of an unexpected leak. It connects to your smartphone and gives you the ability to respond with remote-control commands.
  • All-natural cork flooring sheets that unroll like linoleum and provide a thin waterproof cushion that also helps insulate floors and absorb sound.
  • A waterproof shower light that claims to kill mold and fungus using ultraviolet light. Turn it on after your shower is over.
  • Liquid masking “tape” that dries after you apply it with a brush, then peels off by hand when you’re finished your paint job.
  • A “smart” electrical panel box that tracks power usage on your smartphone, broken down by circuit breaker or appliance. You can even remotely turn off a breaker if you think you may have left an appliance running.