Nowadays, due to the increasing use of home delivery services, consumers and homeowners are rightfully concerned about protecting the safety of their property and their possessions. In order to satisfy these concerns, some insured retailers and delivery companies are responding with programs such as guaranteed safe and secure drivers that have entry access to homes or the installation of safe drop-off boxes.

These programs are a predictable response to protect the companies’ increasing sales. But, such solutions may require you to sign-on to one specific company to make guaranteed deliveries to your home. So, you might want to consider an alternative to accepting such programs.

Thankfully, there are also things that we, as homeowners, can do to avoid the troublesome annoyances of potential theft, and the added anxiety of potential break-ins. For example, a logical security step might be an entranceway camera, or a “smart doorbell” with a photo-recall function and two-way voice communication at your front door. This is especially effective if the camera can be monitored off-site via your smartphone. You might also consider a post-office approved lock-box at your home address, or a community drop box at a reputable local retailer where you can pick up your packages yourself.