Decluttering your property and making each room look spacious is a proven staging technique. But, is it possible to go too far and create too much space?

In some circumstances, yes.

Consider these scenarios. First, imagine a buyer is viewing a bedroom. You’ve removed clutter and made the area pleasantly spacious. As the buyer enters the room, they feel comfortable and at ease. They can visualize the space as their bedroom.

Next, consider this alternative scenario. A buyer is viewing the bedroom but too much has been removed. There’s conspicuously empty floor space. The buyer instantly feels something is missing. While walking around the room, they feel a little lost — even agitated.

Of course, that’s not the reaction you want!

So, the rule of thumb is to make each room “pleasantly spacious”. That way, buyers will appreciate the space and get a true sense of the room size.

That being said, cluttered rooms are the most common problem when preparing homes for sale. So, when in doubt, err on the side of making a space look more spacious, rather than less.