Imagine finding a home that is perfect in every way, except for one nagging thing. That “thing” might be a smaller kitchen than you want, fewer closets than you need or flooring that you dislike. Should you buy it anyway? How do you know if you should take a pass and keep looking? It’s not an easy decision to make and depends on several factors.

Trying to answer a few questions might help:

• How likely is it that you’ll find another home that better meets your needs?

• How soon do you want to move? (If you’re on a time crunch, you may need to adjust your expectations)

• Is the “except for…” something that can be fixed, perhaps with a renovation? For example, there are many ways to expand a small kitchen and flooring can be changed.

• If the home’s shortcoming is fixable, approximately how much will that cost? It might turn out that the improvement is a good investment.

• Can you live with the nagging “thing,” especially when the home is otherwise perfect? It can be tough to work through a decision like this, especially if you’re in a situation where you need to make an offer quickly. Call today for help.