Imagine you’re searching for a new home and checking out listings. You go and see several homes and fall in love with… two of them! How do you decide which is the right one for you, especially if you’re in a situation where you need to make a decision quickly?

Here are three techniques to consider:

1. Each home probably has many of the features you either want or need. Which home has more of what you need? You can probably enjoy a home that doesn’t have something you want. However, that’s unlikely if it lacks something you need.

2. Rank your list of wants. Which are the most important to you? Consider applying a numerical score to each — for example, 1 for low priority and 4 for “I must have that feature!” Then, pick the home with the highest score of “wants.” (This technique assumes each property has everything you need.)

3. Ask your future self. Imagine it’s three years from now. Which home do you suspect you’ll enjoy living in the most, considering the home and neighborhood?

Even with these techniques, making a decision can be hard. However, if you love them both, you really can’t go wrong.