When you’re preparing your home for sale, you may want to consider some painting. After all, painting is the quickest and least expensive way to give your property a significant makeover. Rooms always look better with a fresh coat of paint.

If you don’t want to do the work yourself, hiring a good painting contractor makes sense. Here are some tips for finding a good one:

• Recommendations. Ask friends and neighbors in the area if they know a good painting contractor. Local businesses and professionals can also be a great source of recommendations.

• Social media. If there is an active Facebook group for the community, post a request for recommendations for a good painter. Chances are, you’ll get a few responses.

• Trade associations. There are several trade associations for painting contractors, nationally and regionally. Visit their websites. In most cases, you can search for member contractors in your area.

• Local ads. Some painters advertise. So, browse through your local newspaper and direct mail flyers. Also pay attention to lawn signs (which painters sometimes place in front of a home when doing a project.)

When you talk to a painter, be sure to ask to see their project portfolio and client testimonials.