Ask people what kind of lifestyle changes they want to make in their lives and many will say they want to have more fun, spend more time with family, or play golf more often.

In fact, these types of lifestyle goals have become more and more popular on wish lists.

So, how exactly do you have more fun?

As ridiculously simple as that question may seem, answering it can be more difficult than you might think. Since most people don’t define “fun” specifically enough, it’s hard to determine how to reach that goal. They might want to go out dancing more often, but what does that mean, specifically? If you don’t clearly define a goal, you might never achieve it.

So, an effective technique to ensure you have more fun in 2020 is to be as specific as possible about what that means. For example, instead of making “go dancing more often” your goal, choose a specific goal like signing up for a 10-week salsa class, or going to a club one Saturday night a month.

Turn fun into a specific goal and you’ll have more of it!