As air conditioning costs climb every year, finding ways to reduce the temperature in your home more affordably has become increasingly important. One of the most effective things you can do is lower the humidity in your home, because humidity contributes to discomfort during warm days. By installing a dehumidifier in your central air system, or even using a portable unit in your home’s most frequently used rooms during peak temperatures, it’s possible to reduce the demand on your expensive air conditioning system. Here are some other ways to keep your home cooler without spending more on energy:

1. Install awnings over windows with sunlight exposure, and close drapery during the day.

2. Install ceiling fans to push air down and create a wind chill effect.

3. Open windows at night when the air is cooler to create a breeze.

4. Don’t use major appliances during the day, and unplug idling electronics when not in use.