Just after mid-June, the summer solstice will mark the time of year when we get the most hours of daylight. At the same time, the sun’s path will climb higher in the sky, in an arc that reaches its annual zenith at midday. Due to the higher position of the overhead sun, shadows will be shorter, compared to other times of the year. This increases the amount of direct sunshine exposure on unprotected property. So, if you’re planning a backyard or balcony space, observe the sunlight exposure this month for indications of where to position seating, gardening, cooking or leisure areas, as well as protective canopies.

Of course, it’s even more important to protect our indoor spaces from the hot summer sun. Even though some rooms and balconies may actually receive less exposure to direct sunlight during the solstice, it pays to observe the sun’s path throughout the summer. This may help you determine where heavier window drapery can assist in reducing your dependency on expensive air-conditioning – as well as help protect sunlight-sensitive plants, and help prevent carpets and furnishings from fading due to overexposure.