Homeowners planning a vacation need to also plan to continue home maintenance and security to protect their house and property in their absence. Here’s a quick checklist to help ensure you stay relaxed throughout your vacation:

• Make sure all mail and package deliveries are cancelled or suspended while you are away.

• Double-check that you have indoor lighting on timers, and that outdoor lights, security cameras and alerts are working properly.

• Unplug electrical devices that draw power while dormant, such as TVs, computers, AC units, kitchen appliances (but not refrigerators or freezers, unless empty and defrosted).

• Shut off your water supply if there is any danger of leaking.

• Arrange for lawn-cutting, raking and watering during an extended absence.

• Ask a trusted neighbor to do a regular visual property check to clear away advertising flyers or other signs of absent owners. Also consider providing your neighbor with a key or passcode to access inside your home in case of emergency.